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Indistinctive ways in which women revenge on their cheating partners

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You have heard the phrase ‘when a woman wants revenge even the devil sits down to watch and learn’ and that is indeed true.

There is no fury like that of a woman scorned. Below are ways women take revenge on cheating partners

1- Visiting a witch doctor

Even though not every woman does this some desperate ones do.

They visit a witch doctor to have your family jewels locked, in a way they won’t rise when you are with another woman.

Some lock your mind and make you look like a fool only thinking about them.

Some make crazy demands such as you bringing home all your salary by end month and the witch doctor grants them that.

2-Siring kids with another man

Truth be told, if a woman wants to take revenge she can.

Some do so by siring kids outside the marriage.

It’s no longer news to hear a man has found out all the kids he thought were his were not.

3– Having secret love affairs

Two can play this game so they say, when a woman is scorned some decide to revenge by having an affair.

This they do by getting a man of a higher status than their man, more handsome, richer etc.

This, they do to prove they are still desirable out there.

4- Telling the neighbors about your weaknesses

She will announce to the whole community about how weak you are in bed.

Adding that most of the time you cannot rise to the occasion.

True or not she knows people will believe her and your reputation will be at stake.

5- Dumping you when you least expect it 

Men have such an ego and no man likes  to be dumped.

A woman who wants to revenge will wait till you think that things are okay between the two of you. Then out of the blue, she leaves you, high and dry.

She will then go and regain her sexy back, utakua unamwona unashtuka.



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