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Jacque Maribe says Eric Omondi was a ladies’ man when she became pregnant

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– According to Maribe, the had a talk with Eric when she was still pregnant and they agreed she was going to raise their son alone – The mother of one said that when she got pregnant, Eric became a ladies’ man and was not sure of what he wanted – Talking about their relationship, the TV personality said she and the comedian started dating after being friends for close to five years


Jacque Maribe says Eric Omondi was a ladies’ man when they were dating. Photo: Jacque Maribe. Source: Instagram Speaking to The True Love Magazine, the mother of one said she and Omondi were friends for five years before they started dating. According to The Hot Seat show host, she was super excited when she realised that they were going to have a baby as that is what she wanted at the time.




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