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Ruto has bolted: Will Uhuru push him to the political gallows or lasso him back to stables?

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People have put their life’s saving bets on stallion William Ruto, the Deputy President. They have prepared Ruto well for the race and he seems excited and ready.

Uhuru, however, does not seem quite sure about this bet and is exercising caution.

He has pleaded with his team for patience before settling on the horse for the race. Sensing he might lose steam before being taken to the lanes, Ruto has bolted and is bracing for a race in the open fields.

Last week, taking advantage of the stable owner’s absence, he undertook activities that must have rattled the boss. These events have firmly demonstrated that Ruto is the candidate to beat in 2022.

Towards the end of Covid-19 lockdown, Ruto strategically engaged in activities designed to show the difference between him and Uhuru. He seems to have accepted that Uhuru’s support for his presidential bid in 2022 is not guaranteed.

Initially Jubilee’s inner court was pushing him away. Then he decided to drift away on his own. He stopped whining about not being involved in government operations and functions. He now has the grit to ignore State House invitations to presidential functions.

Then he moved a notch higher: He took the game to Uhuru’s doorstep. He stormed the Jubilee House in Pangani when he had deluded his opponents with a decoy Jubilee Asili Centre. He chaired a meeting at Jubilee House in the absence of his boss, who was in France for a visit.

The President may choose to painfully separate and politically punish Ruto and allies. An array of options is at his disposal.

If he were to go to war with Ruto, then his arsenal is well stocked.


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